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The Opportunity for Growth
Greenhouse Partners

Greenhouse announces search for a Director for their Electronics Design Education Program

Digital Greenhouse Announces Second Call For Technology Development Project Proposals

View the latest Slide Show Presentation.

Read about the EDTD99-1 Development Awards

  Make it smaller. Make it faster. Make it cheaper. Make it better. These are the challenges of product design in the 21st Century. Pennsylvania is moving quickly and decisively to meet these challenges. We believe that smart products, from Furbies to kitchen appliances that think, will soon become a part of our everyday lives and will be key economic drivers for the 21st century. The Digital Greenhouse is an ideal environment specifically designed to foster the growth of the electronic design expertise that will enable the creation of a whole new generation of smart products, right here in Pennsylvania. We invite you to learn about the Greenhouse initiative and play a part in building the future of the digital economy.

A separate high-technology intitiative of interest and co-sponsored by the Commonwealth is the Lightning Manufacturing project.


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